8 ideas to decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield

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If you’ve recently made the move to the charming city of Bakersfield, you’re probably excited about the prospect of turning your new house into a home that truly reflects your personality and style. Decorating your new place goes beyond aesthetics. It has to do with creating a space where you feel comfortable, happy, and truly at ease. The importance of having a home interior that resonates with your taste cannot be overstated. It’s where your day begins and ends, it’s a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and it’s a reflection of your unique journey. The following 8 ideas on how to decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield will help you get started. Whether you’re drawn to modern designs or rustic touches, these ideas will inspire you to create a space that not only looks great but feels like a true extension of who you are.

#1 Embrace Bakersfield’s natural beauty

Upon your arrival in Bakersfield, the city’s natural beauty quickly becomes evident. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and open skies, Bakersfield offers a unique backdrop that can inspire the decor of your new home. Integrating elements of this natural scenery into your home can create a serene and harmonious living space.

This is how you can bring Bakersfield’s outdoors inside:

  • Local plants. Start by incorporating local flora into your home. Bakersfield is home to a variety of plants that can thrive indoors, like the California poppy or the Joshua tree. While you’re still working with movers Bakersfield CA provides, you can have them carry the larger plants from the store to your home for you. Adding these plants not only brings a piece of Bakersfield’s nature into your home but also improves air quality.
  • Natural materials. Utilize materials that reflect the area’s natural landscape. Stone, wood, and terracotta can be used in furniture, accent pieces, or decorative items. They’ll give your home an earthy, grounded feel.
  • Color palette. Draw inspiration from the surrounding environment for your color scheme. Think of the golden hues of the desert, the rich greens of the local parks, and the deep blues of the California sky. These colors can be incorporated through wall paint, textiles, and artwork.
a Joshua Tree from up close
One of the ideas to decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield is to incorporate local plants such as Joshua Tree into the design.

#2 Celebrate the local art scene

Bakersfield’s art scene offers a treasure trove of inspiration for decorating your new home.

ArtWalk and ArtTrek

One of the most notable events is the ArtWalk, held on the first Friday of each month in downtown Bakersfield. This event, produced by the Arts Council of Kern, turns the streets into a vibrant gallery where artists and artisans display and sell their works. Additionally, ArtTrek, a walking tour of downtown Bakersfield’s public art, lets you explore almost 100 paintings, murals, sculptures, and more, adding an immersive experience to your art exploration journey.

Museums and festivals

For a more structured art experience, the Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA) should be your destination. Established in 1956, it offers a broad spectrum of visual arts experiences through exhibitions, preservation of fine art, and various educational programs. Their events, like the Via Arté Italian Street Painting Festival, bring together the community and the visual arts in a unique way. Also, museums like the Kern County Museum and the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science provide insights into local history and science, complemented by artistic exhibits.

In these locations, you’ll find unique pieces that can not only decorate but also tell a story in your home. And remember, while your belongings are in transition, you can always rely on storage Bakersfield solutions to keep your treasured art finds safe.

#3 Decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield as a modern farmhouse

Bakersfield’s rich agricultural heritage can serve as the perfect inspiration for adopting a modern farmhouse style in your home.

Key characteristics of modern farmhouse design

Modern farmhouse design in Bakersfield combines the comfort and warmth of classic farmhouse aesthetics with sleek, contemporary touches. Key elements include embracing natural elements, clean lines, and a cozy interior with layers, patterns, and neutral colors. The color palette typically revolves around neutral shades like whites, creams, and grays, often accented with blues, emerald greens, and black for a touch of modernity. And, if you are using the packing services Bakersfield offers, make sure you communicate your design priorities to ensure that your chosen pieces are grouped in such a way as to make it easier for you when you start decorating. This particular style helps maintain the balance between rustic charm and contemporary sleekness that is central to this style.

#4 Outdoor living spaces – make the most of Bakersfield’s climate

As one of the  Kern County logistics companies you’ve hired starts unloading your stuff into your new home, you will quickly discover the beauty of the weather in Bakersfield. The sunny and warm climate is perfect for creating inviting outdoor living spaces.

Patio design essentials

Custom patio designs are a cornerstone of outdoor living in Bakersfield. Companies like Monji Landscape Companies specialize in creating beautiful environments that maximize outdoor enjoyment year-round. They focus on designing patios that are harmonious with your home’s architecture and style. They offer options like decorative concrete, pavers, flagstones, and custom-made pergolas. Adding elements like outdoor fans, lighting, and hardscape accents can transform your patio into a luxurious extension of your indoor space. Also, think of solar screens. They are a popular option, as they offer protection from the sun while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

a very nice patio you shouldn't forget about when you decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield
Patio is a place where you’ll probably spend a lot of time so put some effort into making it cozy.

#5 Maximizing natural light in your new Bakersfield home

The city’s generous sunshine can be harnessed to create a bright and inviting atmosphere in your home. Maximizing natural light enhances the aesthetics of your space and contributes to energy efficiency and comfort.

Strategic use of windows and doors

The orientation of your windows plays an important role in maximizing sunlight exposure. South-facing windows allow the most winter sunlight. On the other hand, north-facing ones provide a consistent, soft glow throughout the day without excessive heat. East-facing windows are perfect for capturing morning sun and ideal for breakfast nooks or bedrooms. Finally, west-facing windows gather early evening light, suitable for living spaces. Incorporating glass into your doors is another effective strategy. Options like bi-fold, patio, sliding, and French doors, with their large glass panels, not only brighten your home but also create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

a living room with an entire wall covered with windows
Consider investing in more windows and positioning them so that your home receives more natural light.

Enhancing interior light reflection

To further capitalize on natural light, interior design choices make a big difference. For example, light-colored shelves and walls ensure maximum light reflection, making each room appear brighter. Also, an all-white palette pairs beautifully with large windows and spacious rooms, amplifying the natural light. Additionally, implementing day-lighting techniques such as the strategic placement of windows and skylights can effectively bring sunlight into your home. Skylights are particularly beneficial, as they introduce direct sunlight from above, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

As you plan your move, consider working with the residential movers Kern County citizens trust, who can handle your delicate glass fixtures and furniture with care. With their help, your piece will arrive safely in your new sunlit home.

#6 Incorporate water elements for a tranquil ambiance

Integrating water elements into your home can create a serene and refreshing atmosphere. It’s one of the unique ideas to decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield.

Adding water features indoors and outdoors

Incorporating fountains and aquariums can be an effective way to bring the soothing presence of water into your home. A water fountain, whether it’s a floor-standing model or a smaller tabletop version, produces a calming sound. Also, it can act as a humidifier for your indoor environment. Similarly, aquariums can serve as a focal point in a room, bringing the tranquility of aquatic life into your space. If you already have one and you’re moving from afar, consider hiring Bakersfield long distance movers. That way you’ll be sure it will arrive undamaged. For larger homes, considering a swimming pool can be a luxurious addition. It both enhances your property’s value and provides a relaxing space for leisure and exercise.

a swimming pool in the backyard of a house
A swimming pool is a great feature to have in your home for many reasons.

#7 Use eco-friendly elements to decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield

Creating an eco-friendly and sustainable environment in your Bakersfield home is both a responsible and aesthetically pleasing choice.

Choose sustainable materials and products

One of the first steps to making your living space more sustainable is choosing furniture made from natural and sustainable materials. Options such as cork, seagrass, bamboo, eucalyptus, and teak are eco-friendly and very appealing. These materials are biodegradable and sourced from sustainable practices, making them ideal for a green living room. Additionally, using eco-friendly paint for your walls, which is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can greatly improve the air quality in your home. For carpets and curtains, natural fabrics like cotton and silk are preferable to synthetic options​.

Energy efficiency and upcycling

Implementing energy-efficient solutions like LED lighting and insulating your home can significantly reduce your environmental impact while saving on utility costs. Energy-efficient windows also play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate and reducing energy usage. Additionally, consider repurposing and upcycling household items when you decorate your new home after moving to Bakersfield. Old jars, for example, can be turned into unique lampshades or vases, adding a personalized touch to your decor. This not only reduces waste but also gives a second life to items that might otherwise be discarded​. Also, if you want to make this whole journey eco-friendly, make sure you talk to your chosen Kern County local movers so they can adapt their approach accordingly.

#8 Make your space truly yours

After moving to Bakersfield with the help of movers Kern County is home to, whatever style you choose for your home, make sure you personalize it. Start by identifying areas in your home that can reflect your character and preferences. This could be anything from a cozy reading nook to an energetic entertainment area. Use color, texture, and personal mementos to create spaces that not only look appealing but also resonate with your individuality and lifestyle

Here’s a more detailed list of ways to personalize your new home:

  • Display artwork that speaks to you and arrange family photos in creative ways. Consider gallery walls or unique frames.
  • Create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper. This could be a bold color or a pattern that reflects your taste.
  • Choose curtains and rugs that complement your color scheme and add texture to your rooms.
  • Engage in DIY projects like painting furniture or creating your own artwork. This adds a personal touch that can’t be bought.
  • Designate themes for different rooms based on your hobbies or interests, like a vintage-inspired kitchen or a travel-themed study.
  • Make your entryway inviting with a personalized doormat, a distinctive door color, or unique outdoor lighting.
  • Set up a reading nook with a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf, and a reading lamp.
  • Dedicate a space for a memory wall with framed tickets, letters, and small mementos from important events in your life.
  • If you have a collection, like vintage cameras or rare books, find a special place to display it.
  • Infuse personality into your kitchen with colorful appliances, dishware, and utensils.
  • Create an interactive space, like a chalkboard wall in the kitchen for menus and messages or a magnetic wall in the office for brainstorming.
a wall with nicely arranged personal photos
Create a wall covered with your photographs from the past to make your home more yours.

Transforming your house into a home is an exciting journey

Choosing between these inspiring ideas to decorate your new home in Bakersfield depends on your style. However, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to create a space that you love. Each idea offers a unique way to capture the essence of Bakersfield while allowing your style to shine through. Bear in mind that a home where the interior resonates with the owner’s preferences is more than just a dwelling. It’s a source of comfort, inspiration, and joy. So, take these ideas, tailor them to suit your style, and start the rewarding journey of turning your Bakersfield house into a home that you’re content with and proud of.

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