7 reasons why Delano is a great place for families


Delano is a city known for its family-friendly atmosphere and, over the years, it continues to develop more in that direction. Everything one family may need to live a comfortable life, including the excellence of the educational institutions and the security and peace of the neighborhoods, this city can offer. However, moving from one city to the other is a big decision to make and it is only natural to explore all the top reasons why Delano is a great place for families.

Safe and welcoming neighborhoods

One of the top reasons why Delano is a great place for families is its safety. Namely, this city boasts impressively low crime rates and proactive community initiatives. If you have kids and safety is at the top of your list of priorities, Delano should be a city you should consider moving to. The key elements contributing to this safe environment include:

  • effective policing – The Delano Police Department is instrumental in maintaining law and order.
  • community programs – Initiatives like Neighborhood Watch actively involve residents in safety efforts.
  • family-friendly events – Annual events like National Night Out promote community bonding and vigilance.

These measures collectively create a secure and welcoming atmosphere every resident feels comfortable with.

several people enjoying themselves in a restaurant
The people in Delano are very welcoming and there are lots of events where new residents can meet them.

Affordable cost of living – one of the top reasons why Delano is a great place for families

Delano, with its reasonable cost of living, represents a smart choice for families seeking financial stability. Housing which is a significant component of living expenses, is notably affordable here. The average home price in Delano is around $200,000, considerably lower than the California average, which hovers above $600,000. This difference in housing costs allows families to allocate funds to other important areas like education, healthcare, or savings. For those moving to the area, the nearby  storage Bakersfield solutions are convenient for temporary storage needs during relocation. This service can allow families to downsize and improve their finances even more.

Additionally, rental prices in Delano are competitive. Namely, the average rents are significantly lower than in major Californian cities, providing more budget-friendly options. The combination of affordable housing and lower general expenses contributes to Delano’s appeal as a place where families can enjoy a higher quality of life without the pressure of exorbitant costs.

Abundant recreational activities

Spending time in nature is very important for a healthy lifestyle. However, to convince kids to put down their phones and computers and go outside, you need to offer them something fun. Fortunately, in Delano, there are cool places where your family can go, and they include:

  • Parks: Memorial Park and Cecil Park offer playgrounds, sports facilities, and picnic areas.
  • Community center: The Delano Recreation Center hosts various programs including arts, sports, and fitness.
  • Aquatic fun: The Delano Aquatic Center features pools and water play areas.
  • Annual events: Delano Harvest Holidays, with parades and carnivals, adds to the city’s recreational offerings.

Strong Employment Opportunities

Delano’s employment landscape is characterized by a variety of industries, offering great opportunities for the residents to establish stable careers. The agricultural sector, particularly viticulture and table grape production, is a significant employer in the region. Also, Delano is home to major distribution centers for well-known companies, contributing to a steady demand for logistics and supply chain professionals. Additionally, the healthcare sector is growing, with Delano Regional Medical Center providing numerous employment opportunities in various medical and administrative roles.  For families relocating to Delano for these job prospects, reliable companies like Hansen’s Moving and Storage are available to assist with a quick move. In case you find a job in this city and need to start it soon, these professionals can handle your moving logistics for you. In essence, this diversity in employment options is great for people with different skills as well as for those looking for a more dramatic career change.

Great schools with excellent curriculum

Delano stands out for its commitment to high-quality education. The Delano Union School District, serving the elementary and middle school levels, is renowned for its dedication to student achievement and innovation in teaching methods. At the high school level, Delano Joint Union High School District boasts a strong track record in both academic and extracurricular success. Schools like Delano High School and Robert F. Kennedy High School have programs that nurture not just academic skills but also personal and social growth. Naturally, not every school is perfect for every student. To find the one that is suitable for your kids, you should do some exploration. As your belongings are being taken care of by the movers Delano CA offers,  you should take the opportunity to visit the potential schools and find the best fit for your kids.

two kids playing chess in a good school which is one of the reasons why Delano is a great place for families
Schools in this city are excellent.

Great venues to immerse in culture

Delano prides itself on a cultural landscape that is both rich and accessible, offering a variety of experiences for families. The city is home to several museums, such as the Delano Historical Society Museum. They provide insights into the local history and heritage. For families interested in the arts, the Delano Arts Center hosts a range of exhibitions and workshops that are both educational and entertaining. The city also celebrates its diversity through numerous cultural festivals throughout the year. For example, there’s the Philippine Weekend Festival, which showcases Filipino culture with music, dance, and food. These events and venues are great to take your mind off the complexities of the relocation because even when you hire services from reliable movers Kern County provides, you’ll still have a small dose of stress to deal with. However, learning the history of your new hometown interactively through visiting these cool places is a great way to do it.

Access to quality healthcare

Delano ensures families have access to comprehensive healthcare services, with facilities like:

  • Delano Regional Medical Center: Providing emergency, pediatric, and maternity services.
  • Clinics: Facilities like Omni Family Health Delano Clinic offer specialized outpatient care.
  • Health events: Regular health fairs and screening camps promote community wellness and preventive care.

This good healthcare infrastructure is a precondition for family well-being.

a woman working with some instruments in a lab
One of the reasons why Delano is a great place for families is that it provides access to high-quality healthcare.

Delano provides everything a family may need

It is evident that there are many reasons why Delano is a great place for families. The combination of everything this city makes available to its residents creates an environment where families can prosper. Delano, through its array of offerings, provides a supportive and nurturing environment, making it an attractive destination for families looking to build a bright and prosperous future.

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