5 facts about moving from California City to Bakersfield

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Whenever we move there are certain changes that will occur.  Especially when moving long distances. And even though we are aware of this, sometimes we are not aware of the impact it will have. And so we are here to help you and tell you 5 facts about moving from California City to Bakersfield. Before you contact movers California City CA, think if you want to deal with those changes and sacrifices in order to start your new life.

About Bakersfield

If you go north from Los Angeles, about two hours driving distance you will find Bakersfield. It’s a beautiful city located on the banks of the Kern River. And surrounded by Sequoia National Forest. The city of Bakersfield is considered a nice place to live. This has a lot to do with its high quality of life, as well as the accessible living expenses. Being in California it naturally has warm weather. And although the city is not exactly the most glorious city in the world it has its charms. Not to mention its growth potential. So it’s no wonder many movers and packers Bakersfield has to offer have increased job offers over the last couple of years. But what are some things we need to know when moving from California City to Bakersfield?

Couple on a couch discussing moving from California City to Bakersfield
When you first think about moving from California City to Bakersfield make sure to gather all the information.

Bakersfield is affordable to live in

If you are moving from California City to Bakersfield, then you need to be aware of the cost of living there. Some places can be quite pricy, especially in the state of California. But this city is the exception. Being a lot more affordable. Buying a home in Bakersfield is a joke when comparing the prices of homes in Los Angeles or San Francisco. But that doesn’t mean those homes are bad! Actually, you can buy a better house for less money, it’s a great deal. The reason for this is simple. Many people use packing services Bakersfield and move into this city. But the number of people moving in is less than in LA. So because the demands are lower the prices are as well. But like we said the city has great potential. It’s only a matter of time before it blooms as well. So get your housing fast!

Transportation in Bakersfield

This is a town that has been spread out. And as such is not convenient for walking. And so a big number of citizens have started to rely on public transportation. If you lived in a bigger city till now you are aware of the importance of busses, metros and other forms of transport. But unfortunately, after moving from California City to Bakersfield you will notice a difference. The transportation here is not all that good. But the city has invested more money, time, and attention in order to fix this problem. As such unless you decide to live downtown next to all the shops you will need a car.

Public transportation
If you decide to move to Bakersfield make sure to have a car

People have started using more public transportation. And that influenced the city into paying more care and attention. They have started removing some problems and working to better all ways of public transport.

The weather in Bakersfield

All cities in California are hot. And of course, when you are moving from California City to Bakersfield, you will notice it is not the exception either. The air humidity is so low it’s almost nonexistent. During summers you can expect clear skies with high heat. But during winters it’s a period of clouds and cold. This is perfect for those who dislike the cold. If you are moving from a colder climate, you can use the storage Bakersfield has. Place your many winter clothes and other items there until you decide if you want to donate or sell them.

Job opportunities

When you move you are of course in search of something. New friends, new schools, and so on. But the reason most people move, on average is new job opportunities. It’s no surprise that in the last couple of years many people have been moving from California City to Bakersfield. And with new people came new job opportunities. And it shows no intention of stopping. It is estimated that in the next couple of years the job growth will reach  24.2%.

People shaking hands
New job opportunities are a big thing that motivates people to move to Bakersfield.

Take advantage of a good education system

Many families move from California City to Bakersfield. And when they do so, the top priority is the education of their children. And Bakersfield won’t disappoint you! It has as many as thirty-three elementary schools and around eight middle and high schools. The professors take their jobs seriously. With utmost dedication and resolve guide your kids properly.

There are also chances for higher education, for those who are interested. Both private and public. Even if those are not to your taste don’t forget where you are. The state of California is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. And from Bakersfield, it will not be a long journey.

Should you move?

If you are debating moving from California City to Bakersfield, then we have some advice for you. Sit down and write down all the reasons for moving. On the other side write why you think moving is not the best decision. Sometimes going into a new environment can be scary. But it’s all part of life. Look among the many job opportunities, look at houses, and so on. Without a certain risk, people can’t gain anything. There are new people and things, new experiences and adventures waiting for you in Bakersfield.

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